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There’s an open API, so if app developers want to implement within their app, they can do so. Documentation is here.

And it’s all open source.

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VIN Check Free

While the iOS version is still waiting review, I’ve ported it over to Android.

This is a free app that will allow you retrieve a CARFAX or AutoCheck vehicle history for your car. It has about a 95% success of retrieving a free report, usually AutoCheck, for any newer vehicle.

A CARFAX report must be previously purchased by a dealer. An AutoCheck can be looked up using unlimited, publicly available, dealer lines.

VIN Check Free is currently available on the Google Play store and iOS App store.

UPDATE: All of my AutoCheck sources are dead. I’ll see if I can find any others, but for the time being, it’ll only look up public CARFAX records, which if you’re looking for used cars from dealers, there’s a decent chance it’ll show up.

Drake Apps, LLC

After a long hiatus, Drake Apps has been converted from a small-time hobby of mine over to an actual business. I’ve formed Drake Apps, LLC.

Currently, we have an app waiting review for the iOS App Store. More info when it gets approved. Also, currently writing Backgammon Online for iOS and completely rewriting it for Android.

There are a few more projects on the back burner that I’ll release info when things get under the way. Hopefully, it’ll start getting interesting in the near future so stay tuned.

Backgammon Online Matchmaking Updates

Various updates were made to the online portion of Backgammon Online. Some of these were made last week, while others more recently.

  • Added Leaderboards
  • Added Player Record
  • Starting a random game will now only pick a user that has played in the past week and made more than 3 moves
  • Limited number of games shown to 10 of each type (large lists can cause it to freeze even on high end devices)
  • Games without moves for over 14 days are finished. User that moved last is declared the winner
  • Games older than 21 days are hidden from game list
  • Various improvements to page speed
  • Statistics are built every hour. This includes the leaderboards, player records, and random matchmaking.
  • To show up on the leaderboards, you need to have finished at least 2 games with at least 1 win

Move history and game replay will come in an update. Also, app page will include more statistics and leaderboards soon.

I’ve also been informed of a way to cheat. This will also be fixed in a update.

There is also a bug that will cause you to lose a die when you switch them. This happens very rarely. If this happens, back out to the menu and load the game again. I have yet to find what causes this. Once I do find it, an update will be immediately released.

Free version and 1.2 releases

I’ve released the free version on the Android Market a few minutes ago.  It got released as version 1.2.

I’ve also updated the full version to 1.2. This fixed a problem with the notification service not recognizing new login information.

Online/matchmaking updates will occur in a few days. These can be rolled out at any time. Some changes will be:

  • Random matches will only pick players who have played recently
  • Player/game records
  • Leaderboards
  • Better game list page

Backgammon Online 1.0

I released Backgammon Online version 1.0 last night. Also, a quick fix, version 1.1, should be on the market now or in a few minutes. The free version will be released tomorrow.

This is a pretty large update. There are changes to the front and back end.

First off, notifications. The game will now check if you have any moves and will alert you. No more email updates (I’ll turn them off when I release the free version). It will check in 5, 15, 60 minute or 2 hour intervals. Default is 15 minutes. You can change the frequency, or turn them off, by selecting ‘Update Frequency’ in the menu. The check is very lightweight and uses minimal bandwidth, so it shouldn’t take out your battery.

The most obvious change is the look of the menu. The first one was just thrown together while I played with different effects. This one I kept consistent. Though it looks a little plain, I think it works really well.

I also changed how the online games were loaded and submitted. Before if your network or the server was slow, it would lock up the app. That’s been fixed.

I’ve also added sounds. When you move, you should hear a click of the piece m0ving. When you submit a move (online), you should hear a confirmation sound. And when you win, you should hear an awesome sound.

Smaller updates:

  • Current die arrow
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck with lack of moves, but the game didn’t know
  • Back button takes you to the menu, or exits when you’re at the menu
  • Online button highlights when it’s your move
  • You can rotate the Web View (login and game list)


  • Fixed crash where the apache libraries would throw a different exception
  • Removed the stop/start service at the start of the app

Update: Changed 1.01 to 1.1 since I mislabeled it in the app’s manifest.

Backgammon Online 0.4 Released

Another day, another update. Full version is already on the market. Free version will be out later tonight or tomorrow.

Added support for low resolution, small screen devices (like the Motorola CHARM). See screenshots below for examples.

Also, fixed a bug where the menu would be unresponsive after exiting the web view.

Backgammon Online 0.3 Released

I’ve released the next version of the Backgammon app. It has been renamed to ‘Backgammon Online’ to express it’s new online nature.

Which also means, it now supports online play!

Just create an account, and play against a random user or one of your friends.

There were also a few bug fixes, and the local game now saves correctly when you exit it.

I also posted this to reddit. Where I’m also allowing you to download it for free.

Backgammon 0.2.1 Released

Less than a day after Backgammon 0.1 was published, 0.2.1 has been published. The largest change is the addition of high resolution graphics and support. This also fixed a few critical game bugs.

The high resolution support is for phones like the EVO 4G, Galaxy S, and DROID.

Online functionality should be out sometime next week.

Here’s a screenshot from an EVO 4G: